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What They're Saying

   "Owens Piano service is excellent. They have tuned our pianos for at least five years and repaired and kept them in great shape. Very professional and responsible. I highly recommend Owens Piano Service." 


- Mary L.

   "I highly recommend Jonathan Owens Piano Service. I had him come out to my home to tune, clean, regulate and voice my Knabe baby grand. It was bought used and quite dusty. It made SUCH a remarkable sound difference! Really thankful i invested in the quality work he provides.  I will definitely use him again as my go to guy for any service in the future."


- Gina B.

   "I have an uncommon make of piano, a Fandrich vertical with a unique custom action.  Despite its unfamiliar mechanical workings, Jonathan treats servicing it as "business as usual," consulting with the manufacturer when necessary for plans and parts.  I'm grateful to have a technician of Jonathan's caliber, and recommend him without hesitation."  



- Ben G.

   "Owens Piano Service is very accommodating with regards to the schedule of the client, working efficiently and effectively with the extensive knowledge it takes for the important care and maintenance of the instrument to complete the work. I appreciate Mr. Owens’s professionalism."  



- Heidi K.

   "When I inherited a Steinway baby grand piano built in the 1940s and had it moved into my house, I sat down to play it and it wasn’t in the best shape. When I asked the staff of the Steinway piano gallery in Spokane Valley about a technician they’d recommend they referred me to Mr. Owens. I am very glad they did, as Mr. Owens spent multiple days tuning and refurbishing my piano resulting in an absolutely stunning difference in terms of playability and sound quality.

Before he sat down to perform general refurbishment and maintenance after he had tuned it, Jonathan asked me if I preferred a lighter, more responsive touch or a heavier touch. I have never been asked this by a technician. I asked for a lighter touch and sure enough when I sat down to play after he was finished those scales and arpeggios were practically playing themselves! The tuning he performed made the instrument sound about 10x better, with a deep rich lower register and bright voicing in the upper register. He also repaired the sostenuto pedal and was even able to locate a missing cap on one of the keys (found within the piano) and repair that as well. I grew up learning and playing on this specific piano and I have to say in my 20+ years of playing it it has never sounded better.

I also felt Jonathan was very honest with me about the benefit I would get relative to the cost of services performed. He referred to piano maintenance as a “circle of refinement” wherein the most glaring issues are resolved first and further maintenance will continue to improve performance but with diminishing returns. I appreciate this approach. If you’re like me you’ll want to get the most “bang for your buck” which I absolutely felt I got by hiring Jonathan but if you want to hire him to refine the sound and feel of the instrument down to the sharpest razor’s edge you can do that too.

In short, if you want your piano to sound its best and you want someone with consummate professionalism and musical acumen distilled from years of experience, Jonathan Owens is your guy."

- Jeff W. 

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